Web Applications that speak your language.

While web applications, web programming and database driven websites may sound like Double Dutch to the average Joe, they are an essential part of life. You probably don’t realise but you use them unknowingly everyday. Online banking, booking forms for flights and accommodation, B-pay and search engines – these are all common Internet applications.

Your company may simply need a basic web app so clients place orders or you may need a more complex system like online process automation. Whatever you need, Magik can do it. Magik has been building web applications for 10 years. We create a range of systems including Ecommerce, workflow, CMS applications, recruitment, real estate, financial, industrial and educational.

Again this may sound like Double Dutch, but for the techies who’d like to know, we develop in languages like PHP and .Net and databases like SQL Server and MySQL. When it comes to understanding what you need, we speak in plain English and help you define what your application should do.

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